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Therapeutic Areas

We aim at helping people with conditions that range from those affecting millions to those that suffer from rare diseases.

To strengthen our scientific core, we forge novel partnerships that allow us to access the best science in biochemical and functional supplements. Effectively, we are investing in therapeutic areas where we see the brightest scientific and commercial opportunity and where we believe that we can deliver the best value for our partners, medical community and, primarily, patients.

To this end, our team and our R&D partners and associates are passionate in developing products that focus on current and emerging needs of patients in areas such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, trichology & hair regrowth, but also unique products in unmet patients’ needs especially in the neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular areas and in MS and Parkinson in particular:

  • Neurology – Neurodegeneration
  • Ophthalmology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology

Our strategy is to maximize the value of our company as a partner to these audiences by offering them products with clinical studies and scientific evidence able to address their needs, make a significant impact on patients’ care and improve their life conditions and wellbeing.